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Fuzion Remediation


2745 Vermont St, Detroit, MI 48216, USA
Detroit Michigan 48216
United States


(313) 479-4214

Fuzion Remediation: Your Detroit Water Damage Restoration Experts

Fuzion Remediation is your go-to source for comprehensive water damage restoration services in Detroit and the surrounding areas. We have a team of highly-skilled professionals who specialize in a variety of services that will meet your specific needs. These include flood cleanup services, basement damage repair, water mitigation, residential water restoration and commercial flood remediation. Our commitment is to provide top-notch services to ensure your property is restored to its pre-damage condition.

Flood Cleanup Services:
Michigan's unpredictable weather can cause sudden flooding incidents. Fuzion Remediation provides prompt flood cleanup to minimize damage and protect your properties. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to extract water, clean and disinfect affected areas, and restore your property efficiently.

Basement Water Damage Repair:
Basements are susceptible to water damage due to heavy rainfall, plumbing problems, or other factors. We specialize in basement water damage repair, addressing both structural and cosmetic issues to ensure your basement is a safe and functional space.

Water Mitigation Process:
Water mitigation is a crucial step in minimizing long-term damage. Our experts employ advanced techniques to reduce further harm and prepare your property for restoration. Water mitigation can be a very important process.

Residential Water Restoration:
When water damage occurs, you need to find a partner who can restore your home. Fuzion Remediation excels in residential water restoration, employing industry best practices to ensure your home is back to normal as quickly as possible.

Commercial Flood Remediation:
Water damage can impact the bottom line of businesses in Detroit. Our commercial flood remediation service is tailored to minimize downtime and ensure your business can return to serving customers as soon as possible.

Water-Damaged Carpet Cleaning:
If not cleaned and dried properly, water-damaged carpets may pose health risks. We are experts in water-damaged cleaning. We use specialized equipment and methods to restore the cleanliness of your carpets.

Serving Detroit and Beyond:
Fuzion Remediation is proud to serve Detroit and its surrounding area, including but not restricted to Dearborn Livonia Warren Troy and Southfield. We are familiar with the unique challenges faced by properties in this area, ranging from extreme weather conditions to an aging infrastructure.

When water damage strikes, Fuzion Remediation is your trusted partner in Detroit and its surrounding areas. Our dedicated team is ready to respond 24/7 to ensure your property receives the attention it deserves. With a comprehensive suite of services and a commitment to excellence, we're here to restore your peace of mind and your property. Contact us today for all your water damage restoration needs in Detroit.


About Detroit

Detroit (; dih-TROYT, locally ) is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is the largest U.S. city on the United States–Canada border, and the seat of government of Wayne County. Detroit had a population of 639,111 at the 2020 census, making it the 29th-most populous city in the United States. The Metro Detroit area, home to 4.3 million people, is the second-largest in the Midwest after the Chicago metropolitan area and the 14th-largest in the United States. A significant cultural center, Detroit is known for its contributions to music, art, architecture and design, in addition to its historical automotive background.

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